First post using Offline Reader


Jim Henderson from Highland Council told me about using an offline reader to manage my blog. So here is my first post using one call ECTO. Seems to be fairly straight for so far. I will be using it over the next few days.

I have not posted for a we while as I have been very busy with work related issues. Now hope to get back into more consistent posting routine.

2 thoughts on “First post using Offline Reader”

  1. Hi, Jim – I’ll be interested to see how you get on with Ecto. I tried it a while ago – thought it’s functionality was great – but found it a little temperamental at times. I got the strong feeling at the time, though, that it was more to do with my inability to configure it properly than any fault with Ecto itself.


    ps I see that your settings only allow other ‘Blogger’ bloggers (so to speak) to comment – I’m able to because I still have a Blogger account although I’ve shifted the blog itself away from Blogger. You will be excluding the possibility of getting comments from any non-Blogger blogger.

  2. Thanks for these coments John. I had some difficulty configuring ECTO but is not seems to be working fine. But its early days so far!

    I am with give some though to opening up to none Blogger comments!

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