Bathroom Shower in Place

Now you can see the shower controls in place and the shower head feed attached. All of the pipe work for this is concealed behind the wall. So a nice neat job! I intend to get the bath sealed to the wall and the shower screen installed this evening. This will be an important stage in the development as it means that we will then be able use the shower and bath for the first time since we removed the old bath about 10 days ago. Of course this does not mean that we have been unable to wash!!! That would be unacceptable 😉 It is always an exciting stage in any project when things get to the finishing stage. Of course we are not done – still to build the vanity unit, install the toilet and wash basin – so a few hours of work still to be done. It has been great being able to spend evening on practical work – actually very therapeutic 😉

Bathroom – More progress ;-)

After another evenings work I was able to get the plumbing work finished. Its not difficult work at all but you do need to take care to ensure that each joint is properly soldered etc… The last thing you need is to have a leak after everything is in place when it can be more difficult to fix! Below you can see the shower pump connected to the hot and cold water supplies. This pump will automatically switch on when the shower valve is opened. So it only needs a 240V electrical supply. I decided to have it concealed in an area that will eventually be covered in! Hopefully, this will become apparent in the next few evenings!

Bathroom Saturdays progress

Well another productive day. Was able to get the Wet Wall fitted ( that is the white shiny material on the wall which surrounds the bath) and also the bath is now in position. Still some plumbing work to do though!! That will be today’s job after church etc….
The above picture shows the wet wall in place.
The bath is in place – but not fully anchored as yet. Last job of the evening was to drill holes for the taps and fix them in place. Next phase will be a plumbing phase with lots of copper pipe and plastic waste pipe to fix etc. The goal for this phase it to have the bath operational and ready for first use 😉 It is amazing how large the room feels when empty and how much smaller it felt when the bath was brought in.

Bathroom Lining boards mounted

More progress with the bathroom – yesterday evening between me and Phil we managed to get most of the lining board mounted. Below you can see the view looking back form the window into the bathroom looking through the new door aperture. This is a useful angle as you can see the lining boards in their nature colour compared with the door to Phils bedroom which has been been in place for about 11 years or so! Note the difference in colour. It will take some time for the new pine work to match that colour but it will happen. Well of to start fitting the wet wall boarding which will is to be placed around the bath – target for today ( Saturday ) is to get the bath installed and operational so that the members of the Buchan house hold can get a proper wash again 😉