Glow Futures – Quick reference

 Updated: 2nd October 2012

It seems that I commented quite a few times in the last few months about Glow – the project which I worked on before taking up my current position.  I wanted to bring all of this together in one post in light of the fact that the Schools IT Excellence Group is now setup and active in its deliberations.  The links below are set out in reverse chronological order.

24/09/12       Glow – “a walled garden”
18/07/12         The Flipped Classroom
18/07/12        The Flipped Classroom
01/06/12 POC for Glow Futures
25/05/12        Learning Environment Components
05/12/11         Glow – Closed or Open? #EDUScotICT
22/11/11          What could Glow become? #EDUScotICT
19/10/11         Bandwith – need more? #EDUScotICT
18/10/11         #EduScotICT – recurring themes

One thought on “Glow Futures – Quick reference”

  1. Jim – thanks for putting your links all in the one place.

    I like the way that you bring together your experience as an educator with your knowledge and skills in relation to what is feasible (and affordable) through current technology. That makes for some ‘reasoned’ comments worth listening to!

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