RuachOnline Ltd is a company setup by Jim Buchan, an experienced educationalist and IT Consultant who has worked in a number of roles during his extensive career

.Jim Portraite

Motivating Learners - Jim believes that providing a environment where learners are motivated to learn is key to improving standards and attainment. Increasing motivation in students can be done in many ways, appropriate deployment of ICT education support systems and most importantly highly skilled teachers are key objectives to achieving this goal.

About Jim
During a six year term with Cisco, I used the experience gained from my previous 28 years of working at all levels of the UK public sector education environment, to work with customers developing their plans for the deployment of educational technology.  I worked with key country decision makers to position the value of technology to inform strategy and solution design.  I have also worked with Cisco Partners to position solutions and technologies more effectively for educational purposes. I also became an Education Fast Forward Fellow and have participated in many of the EFF debates since being involved.

I have worked extensively in the following regions/countries South America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States & Russia, Middle East and Africa.  In these engagements I worked with key decision makers either at country or institutional level to design solutions and strategies to support the education process and make it more effective.

Prior to joining Cisco I held leadership roles in a number of key ICT initiatives in Scotland including the Scottish Broadband Pathfinder Projects, Scottish Janet Interconnect, procurement of the 5 Scottish Metropolitan Networks, design, procurement and introduction of the SSDN Interconnect and Glow - an online Education platform for all Scottish Primary and Secondary school pupils and teachers.

I was also technical lead on a number of international ICT projects including the Botswana Inservice Pre-service Project and the project to develop support facilities for the Basic Education System  in Namibia with the goal of establishing a fully qualified teaching profession.

Prior to these projects I was Systems Manager at Northern College of Education where I was instrumental in bringing the college onto the Janet network and developed its LAN from scratch to the point where all computers were on the network and every lecturer had and used a computer at their desk. Northern College of Education was the first UK College of Higher Education connected to Janet.

What Jim can do for your organisation: